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(no subject) [Jul. 14th, 2005|10:43 pm]
eileen alyse *
new journal.

add it.
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(no subject) [Jul. 13th, 2005|11:12 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |tilt your head back x nelly && christina aguilera]

okayy, so by request of thad (dork. <3) i'm going to tell you all about the most adorable little boy in the world .. KENNETH!

yes, he is a little boy - in kindergarten. but i only met him monday -- he's like a spitting image of thad. it's kinda scary. but so adorable. they have the same face, kind of, and he just reminds me of him. he (kenneth) told me today that he adored me, be jealous. <33 i told that to thad, and he wanted to remind me that he did too. =) how cute. 2 boys adore me.

so anyway, back to kenneth and his rad-ness. we're the champions of chutes && ladders, and he made the best picture of me and him today. he refused to let me keep it, but we were stick figures. he made sure to write that i was pretty, and that he was going to have millions of dollars. silly kenneth, money doesn't buy all your happiness. but he's adorable. and since i'm not going on most of the field trips, i'm gonna hang out with kenneth.

because he's a mini - thad.
and i can give him hugs.
and he's adorable.
the end.
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(no subject) [Jul. 12th, 2005|07:47 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |depresseddepressed]
[music |mona lisa x britney spears]

camp was so fun today! haha. it was buddy day. =) i had like 3 buddies. jennifer, austin, and carlos. the kids all play games with their buddies, and have snack together. it's cute. =)

ANNNNND my dad came and picked me up (it was raining) and got lebanese! <33 YESSSS! no, you don't understand. i've wanted it for like weeks. and it was yummy. and i saw clara while i was there! =) *there = lebanese taverna*

and now for why i'm depressed.

*i'm leaving for california august 4th (thad's birthday)
*i get back august 20th (our 6 month anniversary)
*thad is leaving for seattle august 20th.

</3 and he's grounded. so i can't really see him anyway. so there goes any chances of me having fun. damn. =(
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(no subject) [Jul. 11th, 2005|09:47 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |no strings attached x *nsync]

first day of work was fabulous!! <3333

the kids are so so adorable, and i have 2 other volunteers with me!! maya && emily. they're gonna be freshman, aww, how innocent. haha. and i already have a girl who's like in love with me, natasha. she's in kindergarten - and her friend grace is adorable. <33 eek. i was only there for like 2 hours today, but it was cute. i'm excited to work all day tommorow. =)

ballet was good, as always. and i found out alison came back for tap!! <33 i hadn't seen ali since recital, but i haven't danced with her since 8th grade. whoa, long time. but she's amazing. haha, sometimes i get this feeling i'm in second best around her.. meh. but oh well. life goes on. she's a sweetie, and we've been friends for YEARS. it'd be stupid for me to suddenly be all jealous of her.

so i came home, all hot and sweaty. my dad got dinner, and as a family *gasp* we watched hell's kitchen. lol, not really what i'd call a "family show" but it was cool. <3 my brother && i actually agreed on people that should be eliminated.. crazy. i cleaned my room, and took a shower too. i wanna watch the 70's house on MTV.. because that show amuses me to no end. =) then probably go to bed. i'm tired. i feel bad. i got thad grounded. for 2 weeks. =( boo. i love him though. <333 2-20-05 and i hope he's not too mad at me. meep.

much love. <333
2 weeks (exactly) until my birthday!!
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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2005|05:15 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |on the way down x ryan cabrera]

hey there hi there. =)

i've had a pretty eventful past 2 days. woo nelly. friday i didn't go to ATS, i was tired. martha worked us hard on thursday (but doesn't she always) && my body was just sore. so that was the end of that. i ended up going to ballet in the morning.. where taylor gave me the best surprise ever! 3rd row seats to see kelly clarkson the day after my 16th birthday! YAY!! <33 i'm so happy she did that. omg. hmm, what else happened friday? i went to the pool with thad! =) seems like you can put "with thad" at the end of almost all my sentences when i say i did something. then we went and saw rebound at ballston after.. good god that movie was awful.

todayyy i had ballet again, not as exciting as yesterday. but still, good enough. and i ended up at the pool, again! but today is AFC's 50th anniversary.. so there were tons of people there. and unlike yesterday, it's hot && sunny today. much better pool weather. i actually got a good tan today. and i'm going again tommorow. then work on monday! eek. =) i'm excited. i saw little emily at the pool today. she was one of the campers when we were at ashlawn 2 years ago. and all of a sudden she's all grown up. so cute. <33 i love little kids.

okay so i still want lebanese. i know thad heard me say that like fifty billion times. but i still want it. my parents might go back to the pool, tonight. cause they're open till 10. so why not? haha. idk. i may go with them, may not. but i'm happy. and being happy is fun. =) okay, i'm done.

ps. i don't know what i want for my birthday.
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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2005|07:50 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |spongebob!]

first day of work was good. <33

i know almost all the staff, so that makes it even easier. the new ATS is gigantic. there aren't supposed to be stairs where the gym used to be. but i was there for a while, and that was good.

then i came home, and got a ride with patty to dance! dance makes me tired. it's fun, but now i'm exhausted. but we're getting pizza. =) (definetly what i wanted all through dance)

and i guess that's all
i felt obligated to update. i mean it's been 3 whole days.
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(no subject) [Jul. 4th, 2005|10:32 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |hyperhyper]
[music |crawling back to you x backstreet boys]

happy 4th of july!!! <333

&& happy 18th birthday to my brother, andrew. =)
.. all of a sudden we've been getting along, it's
weird. but it's cool. i'm happy. i know i complain
about him a lot, but he's still my brother. and
when he went to best buy he got never gone
for me.

hmm so, i went to dave's wedding party!
(he got married yesterday) - which is kind
of overwhelming. never thought my insane
TA would get married. but it was nice. mostly
cause it was a gorgeous day today. and thad
came. <3 which was fun. teehee.

after that i came home, changed, and went
to patty's! loads of people. and emma! <33
not like i don't see a lot of emma already ..
lol. but we had a water fight, which was
fun - for a while i was dry, then janelle
got me with a bucket. damn her. and patty,
emma, and i ran 2 of martha's dances, but it
was hard to do in the grass. geeze. i stubbed
my toe like 3 times. haha. <33 cody and thad
kidnapped me .. which i kind of regret. nice
to see them though.

cody's mom didn't think i existed. strange.
now tommorow i have an ortho appointment.
and that's really all i have to write. oh,
i'm mad i missed josh gracin on TV tonight.
boo. =( 3 weeks until my birthday!
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(no subject) [Jul. 3rd, 2005|05:33 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |deviousdevious]
[music |shape of my heart x backstreet boys]

the nationals are winning. <33 after having
the cubs tie the game 2-2 in the 9th. YAY
nationals! i love them. the end. =)

i went to AFC with laura today, and that was funn.
it was nice to get out.. and not hang out with
thad. haha. whoa, that sounded mean. but i hang
out with him all the time. good to have some girl
time again. my girlies are coming over toniight
(yayy!) and we're gonna have mucho fun. <3 and tommorow
is the 4th of july *YAY!* and it's dave's wedding
party. and i'm going to patty's at night. excellent. <333

and now, for a survey. (from becca's lj, go becca go.)

What size is your bed?: it's a bunk bed ..
Is your floor carpeted?: yes
If so, what color is it?: white
Do you have posters on your walls? of course
Of what? a horse poster that says loads of backstreet boys posters, some britney spears. collages i've made. pictures of friends && family, and most importantly - my josh gracin autograph.
Do you keep your room clean, or is there junk all over the floor?: right now it's messy because i'm adding stuff to my door. too much american juniors. it's time to forget about the past. </3 Are you allowed to eat in your room?: i'm not supposed to.. but i do. How many times a day do you brush your teeth?: 3. Do you take a shower daily?: yes Do you wear perfume/cologne?: mhm, curious. <3 Do you wear deodorant?: yes [ OUTSIDE ] Do you go outside often?: yea Is your lawn green or brown?: haha our grass is really itchy. i don't like it. but it's green. Do you have a patio in the back? no Do you have a one or two (or more) car garage?: 2 How many trees are in your yard?: front yard? 2. [ ABOUT YOU ] Are you male or female?: female Are you sure?: last time i checked, guys didn't wear biknis. Do you have any piercings?: no Are you single or married?: i have a boyfriend, yes. Do you like your name?: i guess so. it's growing on me. Do you like lotion? Chapstick?: yes and yes. Do you shave your legs?: yes .. it'd be weird if i didn't. [ MISC. ] Is the sky really blue, or is it white with blue clouds?: you have issues. Did that last question confuse you?: ^ Do you eat chocolate often?: not anymore. Do you have a job?: yup. Do you like it?: yeup. Why or why not?: it's working with little kids, why else? Is your computer slow?: no. Have you ever wondered why there is bark on trees?: no When you kick a tree, does it bruise the tree?: weirdo. Why do cats cover their poop and such?: what kind of question is that? What do you hear right now?: the nationals game. What do you smell right now?: coffee frappuchino. :) Are you alone in the room?: yes indeed. Are you at home?: yes ------------------------ NINE things I'm wearing: 1. nationals hat 2. swimsuit top 3. swimsuit bottom 4. blue cami 5. white shorts 6. lucky necklace. (yes, it's lucky) 7. curious < my perfume. 8. ring 9. socks EIGHT things on my Mind: 1. summer 2. my boyfriend 3. my friends 4. dance 5. being happy 6. wanting to get a haircut 7. dinner 8. the nationals winning their game against the nasty ass cubs. SEVEN items I Touch everyday: 1. keyboard 2. mouse 3. cell phone 5. cds 6. eyeliner 7. cd player SIX things I Do everyday: 1. go online for way too long 2. go to dance 3. hang out with thad <3 (or almost everyday) 4. be with taylor && kelly. 5. eat 6. tan FIVE things I want to Do before I die: 1. meet kelly clarkson. the end. 2. meet josh gracin. self explanitory. 3. find true love 4. find my best friend, and never lose 'em. 5. have kids FOUR things I will Never do: 1. kill. 2. betray someone's trust, if i really love them. 3. quit dance 4. give up eyeliner THREE things I Do when I wake up: 1. check the time 2. fall back over 3. go back to bed. TWO of my favorite foods: 1. mashed potatoes 2. macaroni and cheese ONE person I love more than any other: 1. joshua mario gracin. the end. <33
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josh gracin. is amazing. [Jul. 2nd, 2005|11:07 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |stay with me (brass bed) x josh gracin]

so, i found stay with me (brass bed) on CMT today.
i nearly died.
no, seriously.
and they had an interview with josh.
he looked amazing. <3
i love him.

so, then, i went to the zoo.
what was i thinking about?
josh's video.
and the tigers! i love tigers.
okay, enough. back to josh.

daNce doLLie 120: if i was in a room
daNce doLLie 120: with josh gracin
OnE x LOvE 912: you'd spaz and die
daNce doLLie 120: and he was like "hey, come casually lay on this bed with me. and i wn't kiss you or anything."
OnE x LOvE 912: i would let him rape me
OnE x LOvE 912: lmao
OnE x LOvE 912: omg i would
daNce doLLie 120: i'd be like "YESSAH! TAKE ME NOW!" and i'd pounce on him, unleashing my inner sexkitten.
OnE x LOvE 912: i'd be like DO WHATEVER YOU WANT
OnE x LOvE 912: LMFAO

see. i knew someone would understand. =D
i love bianca. for forevah. <3

daNce doLLie 120: if josh ever whispered in my ear.
daNce doLLie 120: oh. my god.
OnE x LOvE 912: LMFAO
OnE x LOvE 912: YOU'D DIE
daNce doLLie 120: i like wouldn't be able to stand.
OnE x LOvE 912: you would DIE

but really off of the sex-talk, i do love him.
he's amazing.
and if i ever met him, my dreams would come true.
and that would be all that i needed.
i could thank him. for making amazing music.
that helps me through so many hard times.

oh yes.
request stay with me (brass bed) on cmt.
fool. <3
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(no subject) [Jul. 1st, 2005|02:04 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |sillysilly]
[music |it's gotta be you x backstreet boys]

and we got out early, thank god.
so taylor and kelly were here, and we
definetly gave people driving by on
carlin springs a free dance show
to totally kickass *nsync songs. yes,
i still own no strings attached. if you
have some kind of issue with that, you can
bite me. it was fun. =D

but seminar was fun too. somehow, it was fun.
the superintendent said i was the superstar,
because i want to go into education. woo! i
knew my love of little kids would pay off in the
end. but we (me, molly && kelley) were
just laughing so hard towards the end
of the day nothing made sense. but i made some
good friends, and learned a lot. i bitched
about seminar loads, but i really did learn
something. <33

dance was funny yesterday. martha kept making
us laugh, cause she's such a lame-o. good god.
she wanted to go over to her boyfriend's house
who was making her dinner, and wash her feet.
eww. it's bad enough her feet reek, but i wouldn't
want to share that with my loved one. but i love
martha. she called me and rosemary dorks. <33 haha.
such a great relationship we have. <3 good times. i
can't wait for her party. =)

so i'm seeing war of the worlds tonight, sweet. and
tommorow i think taylor's coming over (again) and we're
gonna tan. or something. i want to make sure i do fun
stuff before next thursday. cause after next thursday i'm
working for 3 weeks. i have to work on my sweet 16! =( and
i have 4 hours of dance. aha. but i don't mind dance. dance
is fun. =D

oh yeah, i've rediscovered all my old backstreet boys cds.
i love them. they make me smile.
well, they bring back memories.. of concerts,
and my entire childhood pretty much. it was kind of
insane how in love with the backstreet boys i was.
i'm seeing them, august 6th. i'm so excited. whoa.
but i have yet to get never gone! =( i'm such a lame
fan. and to think, i've loved `em since i was 5..
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