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SEMiNAR iS NOW OVER! =D and we got out early, thank god. so taylor… - out of the darkness * [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jul. 1st, 2005|02:04 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |sillysilly]
[music |it's gotta be you x backstreet boys]

and we got out early, thank god.
so taylor and kelly were here, and we
definetly gave people driving by on
carlin springs a free dance show
to totally kickass *nsync songs. yes,
i still own no strings attached. if you
have some kind of issue with that, you can
bite me. it was fun. =D

but seminar was fun too. somehow, it was fun.
the superintendent said i was the superstar,
because i want to go into education. woo! i
knew my love of little kids would pay off in the
end. but we (me, molly && kelley) were
just laughing so hard towards the end
of the day nothing made sense. but i made some
good friends, and learned a lot. i bitched
about seminar loads, but i really did learn
something. <33

dance was funny yesterday. martha kept making
us laugh, cause she's such a lame-o. good god.
she wanted to go over to her boyfriend's house
who was making her dinner, and wash her feet.
eww. it's bad enough her feet reek, but i wouldn't
want to share that with my loved one. but i love
martha. she called me and rosemary dorks. <33 haha.
such a great relationship we have. <3 good times. i
can't wait for her party. =)

so i'm seeing war of the worlds tonight, sweet. and
tommorow i think taylor's coming over (again) and we're
gonna tan. or something. i want to make sure i do fun
stuff before next thursday. cause after next thursday i'm
working for 3 weeks. i have to work on my sweet 16! =( and
i have 4 hours of dance. aha. but i don't mind dance. dance
is fun. =D

oh yeah, i've rediscovered all my old backstreet boys cds.
i love them. they make me smile.
well, they bring back memories.. of concerts,
and my entire childhood pretty much. it was kind of
insane how in love with the backstreet boys i was.
i'm seeing them, august 6th. i'm so excited. whoa.
but i have yet to get never gone! =( i'm such a lame
fan. and to think, i've loved `em since i was 5..