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josh gracin. is amazing. [Jul. 2nd, 2005|11:07 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |stay with me (brass bed) x josh gracin]

so, i found stay with me (brass bed) on CMT today.
i nearly died.
no, seriously.
and they had an interview with josh.
he looked amazing. <3
i love him.

so, then, i went to the zoo.
what was i thinking about?
josh's video.
and the tigers! i love tigers.
okay, enough. back to josh.

daNce doLLie 120: if i was in a room
daNce doLLie 120: with josh gracin
OnE x LOvE 912: you'd spaz and die
daNce doLLie 120: and he was like "hey, come casually lay on this bed with me. and i wn't kiss you or anything."
OnE x LOvE 912: i would let him rape me
OnE x LOvE 912: lmao
OnE x LOvE 912: omg i would
daNce doLLie 120: i'd be like "YESSAH! TAKE ME NOW!" and i'd pounce on him, unleashing my inner sexkitten.
OnE x LOvE 912: i'd be like DO WHATEVER YOU WANT
OnE x LOvE 912: LMFAO

see. i knew someone would understand. =D
i love bianca. for forevah. <3

daNce doLLie 120: if josh ever whispered in my ear.
daNce doLLie 120: oh. my god.
OnE x LOvE 912: LMFAO
OnE x LOvE 912: YOU'D DIE
daNce doLLie 120: i like wouldn't be able to stand.
OnE x LOvE 912: you would DIE

but really off of the sex-talk, i do love him.
he's amazing.
and if i ever met him, my dreams would come true.
and that would be all that i needed.
i could thank him. for making amazing music.
that helps me through so many hard times.

oh yes.
request stay with me (brass bed) on cmt.
fool. <3