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the nationals are winning. <33 after having the cubs tie the game… - out of the darkness * [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jul. 3rd, 2005|05:33 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |deviousdevious]
[music |shape of my heart x backstreet boys]

the nationals are winning. <33 after having
the cubs tie the game 2-2 in the 9th. YAY
nationals! i love them. the end. =)

i went to AFC with laura today, and that was funn.
it was nice to get out.. and not hang out with
thad. haha. whoa, that sounded mean. but i hang
out with him all the time. good to have some girl
time again. my girlies are coming over toniight
(yayy!) and we're gonna have mucho fun. <3 and tommorow
is the 4th of july *YAY!* and it's dave's wedding
party. and i'm going to patty's at night. excellent. <333

and now, for a survey. (from becca's lj, go becca go.)

What size is your bed?: it's a bunk bed ..
Is your floor carpeted?: yes
If so, what color is it?: white
Do you have posters on your walls? of course
Of what? a horse poster that says loads of backstreet boys posters, some britney spears. collages i've made. pictures of friends && family, and most importantly - my josh gracin autograph.
Do you keep your room clean, or is there junk all over the floor?: right now it's messy because i'm adding stuff to my door. too much american juniors. it's time to forget about the past. </3 Are you allowed to eat in your room?: i'm not supposed to.. but i do. How many times a day do you brush your teeth?: 3. Do you take a shower daily?: yes Do you wear perfume/cologne?: mhm, curious. <3 Do you wear deodorant?: yes [ OUTSIDE ] Do you go outside often?: yea Is your lawn green or brown?: haha our grass is really itchy. i don't like it. but it's green. Do you have a patio in the back? no Do you have a one or two (or more) car garage?: 2 How many trees are in your yard?: front yard? 2. [ ABOUT YOU ] Are you male or female?: female Are you sure?: last time i checked, guys didn't wear biknis. Do you have any piercings?: no Are you single or married?: i have a boyfriend, yes. Do you like your name?: i guess so. it's growing on me. Do you like lotion? Chapstick?: yes and yes. Do you shave your legs?: yes .. it'd be weird if i didn't. [ MISC. ] Is the sky really blue, or is it white with blue clouds?: you have issues. Did that last question confuse you?: ^ Do you eat chocolate often?: not anymore. Do you have a job?: yup. Do you like it?: yeup. Why or why not?: it's working with little kids, why else? Is your computer slow?: no. Have you ever wondered why there is bark on trees?: no When you kick a tree, does it bruise the tree?: weirdo. Why do cats cover their poop and such?: what kind of question is that? What do you hear right now?: the nationals game. What do you smell right now?: coffee frappuchino. :) Are you alone in the room?: yes indeed. Are you at home?: yes ------------------------ NINE things I'm wearing: 1. nationals hat 2. swimsuit top 3. swimsuit bottom 4. blue cami 5. white shorts 6. lucky necklace. (yes, it's lucky) 7. curious < my perfume. 8. ring 9. socks EIGHT things on my Mind: 1. summer 2. my boyfriend 3. my friends 4. dance 5. being happy 6. wanting to get a haircut 7. dinner 8. the nationals winning their game against the nasty ass cubs. SEVEN items I Touch everyday: 1. keyboard 2. mouse 3. cell phone 5. cds 6. eyeliner 7. cd player SIX things I Do everyday: 1. go online for way too long 2. go to dance 3. hang out with thad <3 (or almost everyday) 4. be with taylor && kelly. 5. eat 6. tan FIVE things I want to Do before I die: 1. meet kelly clarkson. the end. 2. meet josh gracin. self explanitory. 3. find true love 4. find my best friend, and never lose 'em. 5. have kids FOUR things I will Never do: 1. kill. 2. betray someone's trust, if i really love them. 3. quit dance 4. give up eyeliner THREE things I Do when I wake up: 1. check the time 2. fall back over 3. go back to bed. TWO of my favorite foods: 1. mashed potatoes 2. macaroni and cheese ONE person I love more than any other: 1. joshua mario gracin. the end. <33