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first day of work was fabulous!! <3333 the kids are so so… - out of the darkness * [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jul. 11th, 2005|09:47 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |no strings attached x *nsync]

first day of work was fabulous!! <3333

the kids are so so adorable, and i have 2 other volunteers with me!! maya && emily. they're gonna be freshman, aww, how innocent. haha. and i already have a girl who's like in love with me, natasha. she's in kindergarten - and her friend grace is adorable. <33 eek. i was only there for like 2 hours today, but it was cute. i'm excited to work all day tommorow. =)

ballet was good, as always. and i found out alison came back for tap!! <33 i hadn't seen ali since recital, but i haven't danced with her since 8th grade. whoa, long time. but she's amazing. haha, sometimes i get this feeling i'm in second best around her.. meh. but oh well. life goes on. she's a sweetie, and we've been friends for YEARS. it'd be stupid for me to suddenly be all jealous of her.

so i came home, all hot and sweaty. my dad got dinner, and as a family *gasp* we watched hell's kitchen. lol, not really what i'd call a "family show" but it was cool. <3 my brother && i actually agreed on people that should be eliminated.. crazy. i cleaned my room, and took a shower too. i wanna watch the 70's house on MTV.. because that show amuses me to no end. =) then probably go to bed. i'm tired. i feel bad. i got thad grounded. for 2 weeks. =( boo. i love him though. <333 2-20-05 and i hope he's not too mad at me. meep.

much love. <333
2 weeks (exactly) until my birthday!!