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(no subject) [Jun. 30th, 2005|05:05 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |all night (don't stop) x janet jackson]

super exhasted. =[
but the shakespeare play last night was good. =]
apparently i missed rosemary being a weirdo
at ballet again. aha, i love her. i love my
dance girls oodles of noodles. martha was saying
how she has these friends that hang out with her
on wednesday nights from 4:30 - 7:30 .. but even
though we pay to be there, we're still her friends.
kind of, sort of. no definetly kidding. all of us
love martha. <33

LAST DAY OF SEMiNAR TOMMOROW! totally awesome. but
we're with the superintendent all day. not awesome.
he's funny. i guess. he told me he liked my necklace
last night, so that was cool.

i'm really tired.
i guess i should stop babbling.
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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2005|08:41 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |soresore]
[music |shame on me x ryan cabrera]

my joints still hurt extremely bad. it's kind of
scaring me a bit. everything we did yesterday was
what used to be our norm, but whoa. i haven't hurt
this bad in ages. :[ i'm not going tommorow, because
of the shakespeare play i'm seeing with seminar, so
there's 2 nights of rest. sounds good. :]

but seminar was better today. we went to the washington
post and met with one of the lawyers, because he deals
with a lot of ethics in his work. he has to proof-read
every story to make sure that the washington post won't
get sued. of course, i didn't take any notes or anything.
but i still learned a lot, and it was a cool experience.
the american indian museum kinda bored me, and we went from
really hot to really cold. really fast. so me and molly were
kind of discombobulated (no idea if i spelled that right) for
a bit.

i came home after i got some starbucks, cause i was SO tired.
between the heat and everything else, i was gonna
collapse on my front porch. thank goodness for whoever
invented the frappuchino. thad came over, and we wandered.
again. we're good at wandering. he's at a nationals game now
with his family (lucky, i'd love to see the nats again) so i'm
at home. icing myself. and taking lots of pain medication. :]
fun times, fun times. tommorow we're going to the state department
and hirshorn (again, i'm sorry if i spelled it wrong) - so that
should be cool. and i'm definetly dressing better for the weather
tommorow. ew. no way i want to ever be that sweaty again. ever.

okay. my mom made spaghetti, and it's time for dinner. so um, yeah.
leave me comments. please?
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(no subject) [Jun. 27th, 2005|08:05 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |soresore]
[music |you make me sick x pink]

longg day. i've been up since like 6:45.
but i had the superintendent's seminar from
8:30 until 3. well, it was supposed to be until
3:30, but i bailed at 3. after the long debates
about president clinton, i had to go. but watching
movies and finding honor in something like napoleon
dynamite was actually pretty cool. and molly and
kelley are there too. so that makes it better. but
tommorow we aren't at W&L all day (thank GOD) we get
to leave.

so then it was time for 4 hours of dance. funn stuff.
no really, it was. ballet and tap i only have with rosemary
and emma. and martha! aha, it was fun having a class with
just 2 other people. i forgot how entertaining it is. annd
i did pointe tonight! i haven't done a full class on pointe
in ages. my feet are killing me. and it's definetly time
for new shoes.

i guess that's all. no dance tommorow! a day to rest. sweet.
before i spend another hour and a half on pointe.
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(no subject) [Jun. 25th, 2005|09:23 am]
eileen alyse *
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |because of you x kelly clarkson]

it's been an eventful first 2 days of
summer! and i've loved every last minute
of it. thursday & part of friday i was at
violet's, which was fabulous. as always
i laughed an insane amount, people probably
thought i was crazy, ohhh well!

my mom picked me up from violet's at like 11:45,
and i came home, and was suddenly motivated to run.
why? well, i'm still asking myself that now. but i
ran 2 1/2 miles, and i was really proud of myself. i
definetly hadn't gone on a run since like april, when
martha had us getting seasick from running in circles
inside. but i went out with thad, again (hah, i should
just put that in every entry) and we ran into cory. she's
fun. yay cory! i got more food, again, cause i eat a
gross amount, and we came home.

thenn i got to go see the nationals! YAY! omigoodness it was
so much fun. unlike football (aka the redskins) there were
a whole helluva lot more sober people. by like the beginning
of the 2nd quarter in football, at least half of the people
in the stadium (if it's legal) are drunk. but moving away
from the beer, vinny castilla and i had a bonding moment! when
every player comes up to bat, they play like 25 seconds of a song.
and in the 7th inning, when castilla came up, they played behind
these hazel eyes! omfg, i threw the biggest fit. but it was so cool!
ahh, i can't get over it. my dad liked to remind me that castilla
didn't even have hazel eyes (he's from south america) and that it
was probably a mistake, but it doesn't matter. YAY! <33 and they
beat the blue jays! (another added perk) it was 3-0. but yes
overall it was so much fun, and i loved getting to spend a night
with just my dad. <33

came home from thaat, and wanted to watch a movie. but no, my brother
was being an ass. but whatever. his lazy self will be gone soon. (thank
god) so i talked to thad for like an hour, and i eventually fell asleep.
so now i'm sitting here... and i'm happy. wanna know why? 1 MONTH `TILL
MY SWEET 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know, a month is a long time.
but still, i'm excited. i don't know why, like at all, but i always
get excited on my birthday. YAY!
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2005|08:55 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |do somethin` // britney spears]

WE'RE JUNIORS!!! summer `05 =) <33
that's really exciting. and overwhelming.
i love HB so so much, i really really do.
i've learned so much from that school, and
every single person i've interacted with there.

so after school (at like 11:40) thad and i
went to lunch. yum. and we saw patty and phyllis!
i missed them. <33 patty and i got exciited for
summer dance -- startin` on mondayy! =) and we
ran into reed && laura too. hehe. that was fun.
it was my first time meeting reed, he seems like
a sweetheart. he better be. or i'll beat his butt.
especially if he hurts laura.

came home from that && got ready for graduation // potluck.
whoa, definetly never seen the cafeteria so crowded before,
but it was cool! i talked to bunches of seniors, who are all
so insanely sweet! like carrie. my first memories of carrie were
one time when i was in the 6th grade, and she said something about
me staying away from weird boys. i was weirded out. but today at the
senior play they were going through yearly songs - their senior song
was definetly since you've been gone. =) i flipped a lid, but
apparently no one heard me. hmph.

hb's graduation's are so sweet! i love them. every TA gets a chance
to talk about their graduating seniors, and they can give them little
sentimental gifts to remember hb by. it was really sweet. =) thad thinks
it's weird that i found it adorable, but whatever. i found greg (YAY)
and we had lots of fun fun fun. well, not really. but he kept taking
this quarter out of his pocket, and it'd always fall. then he'd say he'd
leave the quarter there, and then he'd do it again. silly greg. but he's
funny. i'm glad we've started to become friends, finally. =]

so tommorow is violet's pool party *sweet* and sleepover. i'm excited.
i'm definetly loving summer, even though it just started. in 2 weeks
i'll be hating it, but now it's wonderful. i have the superintendant's
seminar next week, but we kind of lost the paper. oops. then i hope
i'll end up with ms. collier again, because her job is awesome. and i
get paid for coloring. and making ice packs (aka frozen paper towels)
then when i get home friday taylor's coming over, because we have
preliminary auditions for the 1st cut of a dance camp. weird. but i hope
we'll be okay. friday night i get to see the nationals! YAY! and martha
will be there, or that's what my dad said. coooool.

i love everyone. and everything. and to all of my friends, whether we talk
now or not, i love ya. thank you for always being there for me, even when
you didn't want to be. it means a lot to me. <33 =)
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(no subject) [Jun. 21st, 2005|10:40 am]
eileen alyse *
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |never had a dream come true // american juniors]

last night was perfect. <33
thad was here after school, and we decided to see a movie.
the honeymooners -- not the smartest choice.
neither of us saw the tv series (whaa?) so we were confused.
but it was still fun.
and i loved spending my anniversary with him.
well, i would hope so.

and now i don't have any classes until 12:30
so i'm still home! yay!
i'm not leaving for like another hour.
and i still haven't done that latin.
paul's gonna kill me. but i'm gonna do it.

only 1 more day of school after today!
and i got the most amazing avvie the other day for IDF.
http://www.megaone.com/jordie15/JoshCome.swf - love it or die. <33
i'm hungry. okie doke, that's all. <3
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2005|11:33 am]
eileen alyse *
[mood |thankfulthankful]
[music |a moment like this // kelly clarkson]

i love randy. <3 he always lets us out of class so insanely early, but it's so worth it. hehe. and i'm gonna miss hium! horror films was a way rad elective. but okay, moving on.

today's my 1 year with jaimi. you know how amazing that is? 2 years ago we never even dreamed we'd meet, and then we did! it made our friendship so much better, and i know that even though we had our fair share of rough times, we still got through it. together. i owe her so much for always being there for me when no one else took the time to even see me. i can't thank her enough. she's always been my crying shoulder from the very beginning, even when we barely knew each other. we still could talk about our problems, because who were we gonna tell? one of us lives in virginia, the other one lives in wisconsin. that makes for two completley different groups of people, and two completley different lives. but i love her. i do. and i hope she has the best time in florida EVER (well she will, i mean, it's florida) and then when she comes back she'll call me loads and loads. =)

annnd today's my 4 month anniversary with thad too. haha, funny how two huge things happened on the same day. but geeze, that's amazing. cause yet again, if you go back to this time a year ago, i never would've dreamed i'd be dating him. but i am. and i'm so lucky to have someone like him with me, and i'm so thankful for him. even though he loves making fun of me when he knows i can't fight back, he's still a sweetheart. and i still think he's an angel. and i love him. to the moon and back. and he's one person in my life that i know i'll never lose.

now i have 3 more classes today. latin, math and euro. and then i am done. that is quite cool. but i think i'm doing something tonight, cause it's my anniversary. but i'm not allowed to know what. hmm. <333
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(no subject) [Jun. 19th, 2005|11:11 am]
eileen alyse *
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |toxic // britney spears]

alex's party was fabulous!
i fell asleep mega early, but that's okay. =)
me, ashleigh, anna && jennie all had a great convo in the hot tub.
*wink wink*
annnd sheba (alex's kitty) is ADORABLE! <333

now i have lots of work.
not fun.
but only 3 more days of school!
i can't wait to go to the pool.
seriously, it's like breaking me apart.
i'm so white. eww.

yesterday at the band picnic i got the "i didn't do it" award.
which is so true, because i always make that face!
but hey, i never do it. =D
so at least i'm right.

and i guess that's all!
my weekend was mucho fun.
and i'm sad it's over. =(
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(no subject) [Jun. 18th, 2005|12:35 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |dorkydorky]
[music |never gone // backstreet boys]

so yesterday ended up being a show at westfield.
which went really well, or mine && taylor's did.
kelly threw a fit halfway through, the lame-o.
she like refused to go back on.
all because some guy said she was hot. (wtf?)
oh well, whatever.
taylor gave me one black fingernail again.
cause apparently for do somethin` that's what she thinks of.
and i'm britney. weird.

today's the band picnic!
which shouldn't be as exciting as it is.
but, it's free food.
and i'm hungry.
and getting to hang out with friends. yayy! =)
and then tonight's alex's partay!
but it's kind of cold outside, boo.

i just watched the end of behind the music, on the backstreet boys.
and all of my memories came flooding back.
the backstreet boys kind of tell the story of my childhood.
that sounds weird, but i grew up with them.
everytime i felt like no one understood, the backstreet boys did.
i wrote about them in 5th grade. i said they had all the answers.
but i remember all of the emotions i felt when AJ went into rehab.
how i was so so scared for him, people were afraid he wouldn't make it.
but being so proud when he came back!
AJ McLean is still my hero, you know.

he's accomplished so much.
not just with being a backstreet boy, but as a person.
he conquered his addiction.
i'm just really proud of him. seriously.
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(no subject) [Jun. 17th, 2005|06:43 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |party posse simpsons episode. <33]

wee! today was fun. =) i definetly have started like the past 5 entries like that, but it's true! the end of the school year always makes me happy, but then sad at the same time.

8:20 * earth space: i gave my presentation on nuclear waste, it really wasn't as bad as i thought. my proposal even passed! woop. we had to give background info on our topic (mine was nuclear waste disposal..fun) and give a proposal on how our topic could be better managed. i was really happy. bill said my project was very well organized, and he was proud of me for getting so much done in so little time, all on my own.
a * health: i didn't go. i was studying for history.
b * band: theory project day! all of the music theory kids came to band with pieces prepared, and we were kind of just their monkies. but it was cool. i wish i could understand music theory, hah. that'll be the day.
c * horror films: totally the best thing ever. we started watching this movie called student bodies - it's like the original scary movie. but anyway, the kids that try and have sex all end up getting murdered by this creepy guy who breathes really hard all the time. kind of like that kid on hey arnold who's always behind helga. anyway, it was funny.
d * latin: we graded our first huge packet, i got a 79. i hope paul rounds, i really do. and we watched charlie's movie, which was totally awesome. ahah. it was really funny.

then during e block i took my history test (eww) without any supervision, and i'm proud to say that i didn't cheat. =D no, seriously, i didn't! by the time i was finished, i didn't want to do anything else. but i feel bad i didn't turn in that take home quiz i swore i'd turn into neal. oops. but then i came home.

aha. and totally found myself in the grass, again. talking. but we definetly fell asleep in each other's arms, as cheesy as that sounds. but then, of course, mood ruining moment - "i have to go. i'm going to andy's birthday party." but oh well, i hope he has fun.

tommorow's alex's party! yay! and the band picnic. also, yay. the end of the year is fun. and i don't really mind mike at all. he's really funny, some of the faces he makes at people are great. then monday makes a year since i met jaimi. that's insane. hmm.. after thad left i went with my dad and got night of the hunter, and some ding dongs. fabulous. <333 i'm excited.

so that's basically it.
i love kelly.
she's always in my house.
aha. but she sends her regards,
none the less. =)
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