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hey there hi there. =) i've had a pretty eventful past 2 days. woo… - out of the darkness * [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
eileen alyse *

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[Jul. 9th, 2005|05:15 pm]
eileen alyse *
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |on the way down x ryan cabrera]

hey there hi there. =)

i've had a pretty eventful past 2 days. woo nelly. friday i didn't go to ATS, i was tired. martha worked us hard on thursday (but doesn't she always) && my body was just sore. so that was the end of that. i ended up going to ballet in the morning.. where taylor gave me the best surprise ever! 3rd row seats to see kelly clarkson the day after my 16th birthday! YAY!! <33 i'm so happy she did that. omg. hmm, what else happened friday? i went to the pool with thad! =) seems like you can put "with thad" at the end of almost all my sentences when i say i did something. then we went and saw rebound at ballston after.. good god that movie was awful.

todayyy i had ballet again, not as exciting as yesterday. but still, good enough. and i ended up at the pool, again! but today is AFC's 50th anniversary.. so there were tons of people there. and unlike yesterday, it's hot && sunny today. much better pool weather. i actually got a good tan today. and i'm going again tommorow. then work on monday! eek. =) i'm excited. i saw little emily at the pool today. she was one of the campers when we were at ashlawn 2 years ago. and all of a sudden she's all grown up. so cute. <33 i love little kids.

okay so i still want lebanese. i know thad heard me say that like fifty billion times. but i still want it. my parents might go back to the pool, tonight. cause they're open till 10. so why not? haha. idk. i may go with them, may not. but i'm happy. and being happy is fun. =) okay, i'm done.

ps. i don't know what i want for my birthday.

[User Picture]From: tothepointex
2005-07-11 05:54 pm (UTC)
hey eileen, it's emily. add me?
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